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From a Snowflake to the North Star
Från en Snöflinga till Polstjärnan

This site is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, Anders Tornberg. We set up this site so individuals from around the world may share their fond memories of Anders.

Anders was an enthusiastic fine arts collector and respected gallery owner known to many throughout the international art world. Although he traveled extensively during his thirty-year career in the arts, he remained centered and focused within his hometown of Lund, Sweden. He was a generous man to those around the corner and around the world.

In 1976, I was a participant in the Studio Program at P.S.1 in Queens, NY that I shared with Don Leicht for two years. It was here that we had the great fortune to meet Anders. Susan Weil, a fellow ‘schoolmate’ was gracious enough to introduce Anders, and we’ll forever be thankful for Susan’s kindness in that once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone as special as Anders Tornberg.

Anders was a true supporter, and most importantly, a great friend and passionate human being. We knew Anders for nearly twenty years and experienced great times on many occasions with him both in New York and in Sweden.

Today, I still reside in Queens, and Don Leicht is in the Bronx, and we continue to create work individually as well as collaborating in a studio we share together. One thing for sure, Anders will always remain deep in our hearts.

If you knew Anders, please consider sharing your personal thoughts, prayers, poems, pictures, video or sounds clips, etc., on this site in memory of our beloved friend.

Please feel free to email and contribute your thoughts and experiences.


John Fekner & Don Leicht
NYC 2007

P.S. Through a generous donation to Lund University from Inger Hägglund Tornberg, some materials of the Anders Tornberg Gallery are available for research. MALMÖ ART ACADEMY in Sweden has a special room and archive entitled Anders Tornberg Gallery.
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Disclaimer: This site exists for no commercial purposes. We are committed to providing high quality, accessible and responsive content for the sole purpose of sharing good thoughts in memory of our friend, Anders Tornberg (1937-1997). Comments that are deemed inappropriate for a memorial site will not be uploaded.